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Arctic Subsea Technology

Arctic Subsea Technology: Oil and Gas Drilling in the Arctic Offshore drilling is a complicated and challenging process, and even more so in the Arctic. However, growing industry interest in offshore oil in the Canadian Arctic means oil companies need to prepare for subsea drilling in the far north. As existing oil sources run their […]

Utilizing the Smart Grid in Oil and Gas

Smart Grid Networking in Oil and Gas Industry As upstream oil and gas companies are leaping into the digital oilfield revolution, the industry is enthusiastically implementing new technology formats that help deliver real-time intelligence and situational awareness in oilfield production. The implementation of smart grids has allowed oilfields to run a more efficient system that […]

The Benefits of Mining Automation

The Benefits of Mining Automation Making Mining Safer Through Automation Human safety is one of the primary concerns in the mining industry today. Many industry players are now addressing safety issues by automating processes previously done by humans to help ensure the protection of workers. Automation, or the use machines and other control systems to […]

Understanding the Digital Oilfield

Understanding the Digital Oilfield It is inevitable that oilfields of the future will go digital. Already, we rely on the Internet and email for communication, drones for exploration, and automation to keep tasks safe. The question is, what will digitization mean for oilfield workers in the coming decade? Plenty of oilfield support equipment can be […]

Smartphones Monitoring Mining Equipment

Using Smartphones to Monitor Vibrations in Mining Equipment Mining is a massive, highly competitive industry with many operations running twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Such continuous operations are dependent on large, complex machines that are expensive to repair and expensive to replace. In this industry, an organization’s ability to minimize downtime can provide a […]

Robotic Welding

Things to Know About Robotic Welding in Metal Fabrication Shops Robotic welding tools have many advantages — they cut staffing costs, speed up production, and can be built to scale for your projects. By taking humans out of the equation, many welding projects see significant savings, but robots aren’t right for every workplace. Welding cells […]

Keystone Pipeline Delay Not Affecting Canadian Oil Producers

Keystone Pipeline Delay Not Affecting Canadian Oil Producers “Keystone is kind of old news,” said Sandy Fielden, Director of Energy Analytics at Austin, Texas-based consulting company RBN Energy. “Producers have moved on and are looking for new capacity from other pipelines.” That’s a quote worth considering. With Keystone XL still years away from even potential […]

Drones in Mining

Drones in Mining: The Future of the Mining Industry? The future is here, and the drones are driving. In Australia, hundreds of driverless trucks haul iron ore from mines. At the same time, company headquarters use touch screens to monitor operations worldwide. Drones are capable of exploring areas no human could safely reach. They come […]