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Computer Hacks Every Farmer Should Know

Computer Hacks Every Farmer Should Know Back in the day, farmers would use time-tested skills to bring in the herds and harvest the crops. Today, the modern farmer is given a powerful boost by some very high-tech gadgets. When the laptops, GPS and WiFi are working properly, they can be a huge help in tracking […]

Miner Operator Safety: What Every Miner Should Know

Miner Operator Safety: What Every Miner Should Know One of the most dangerous jobs for an underground miner operator is running a cumbersome piece of heavy equipment, known as a continuous miner (CM). With a large rotating drum equipped with coal cutting “teeth”, simply being in close proximity to these machines puts their operators at […]

Facing the Winter on Oil Rigs

Facing the Winter on Oil Rigs Good pay and solid benefits are the enticing attributes of working on an oil rig. To reap the financial rewards of working on a rig, workers face extreme challenges both physically and mentally. If the intense and grueling type of work was not enough, work conditions on oil rigs […]

How In Shape is Your Employee Health and Wellness Program?

Employee Health and Wellness Program Many employers provide healthcare benefit packages to their employees, helping to ensure their valuable workers are able to meet their health needs such as doctor’s visits, dental care, eye exams and prescriptions at a reasonable personal expense. Despite the advantages and opportunities that receiving benefits through work provides, this does […]

B.C.Premier and Alberta Premier Reach Deal on Pipelines

Pipelines Deal: B.C. Premier Clark, Alberta Premier Redford reach deal on pipelines B.C. Premier Christy Clark and her Alberta counterpart Alison Redford have reached a broad framework for an agreement to satisfy B.C.’s five conditions for supporting oil pipeline development in the province. Ms. Clark said there are various “possibilities” for B.C. getting its “fair […]

Quebec Raises Mining Taxes In The Province

What is worse – getting slapped with a tax that is lower than was expected or getting slapped with any tax? Obviously, no business wants to be burdened with additional taxes, but it appears there is a new taxation scheme targeted at Quebec mining operations with the goal of bringing additional (and much needed) revenues […]

Safety Matters to Us

Protecting the safety and health of our employees, customers, and the community is a core value of Mainland Machinery. Metal fabrication is a dangerous job; so you don’t stay in business if your employees negatively impact your clients’ business operations or suffer workplace injuries. To us – the engineers, welders, installers, and project managers that […]