Committed to Quality Steel Fabrication and Service with Integrity

Mainland Machinery has always been dedicated to establishing a solid foundation of trust with its customers and over the last 50 years has become an industry leader in supplying effective engineered solutions, steel fabricated products, and onsite industrial services across multiple sectors. Every project undertaken by Mainland Machinery is treated with the utmost care and handled from concept to implementation by our expert team of engineers, production crew, and support staff. Our team is there to help provide support and guidance for our customers every step of the way.

We lead our customers through all stages of industrial design including consultation, concept design using the latest in state of the art computer modeling and design systems, engineering, digital and physical prototyping, and custom fabrication. Supplying mechanical engineering and CAD design services for the feed mill, agricultural, mining, and oil and gas industries, Mainland Machinery provides solutions and tailors every design to the needs of our customers. In a market that’s always changing, it is our customers and their needs that drive our research and development as we continually strive to be on the cutting edge of innovation.

Safety is our top priority. We are fully compliant with all the latest quality certification requirements including being CWB approved and certified to CSA Standard W47.1. Due to our stringent policies we have also received near-perfect scores during (COR) safety audits. Mainland Machinery has become a trusted name as one of the industry leaders for providing the very highest health, safety, and environmental standards. We have done so while consistently manufacturing top quality products, offering exceptional customer service, and providing speedy delivery.

In an effort to bring greater value to our customers, our team is working harder than ever to consistently exceed prevailing safety requirements and provide our customers with more advanced safety standards by offering a diverse range of universal and sector specific best practices.

We pride ourselves on our ability to not only build top quality steel fabrication, but our ability to build strong, long-lasting, relationships with all of our customers as well. Regardless of scale or complexity, Mainland Machinery works hand in hand with its customers to help them achieve their goals and allows them to better control costs, quality, and scheduling.

You can rest assured that your project is in safe hands with every detail from idea to execution managed with the utmost care and diligence.