Safety Matters to Us

safetyProtecting the safety and health of our employees, customers, and the community is a core value of Mainland Machinery.

Metal fabrication is a dangerous job; so you don’t stay in business if your employees negatively impact your clients’ business operations or suffer workplace injuries. To us – the engineers, welders, installers, and project managers that work on projects – it is important that employee safety is taken seriously.

We want to ensure that our employees safely return to their families each and every day; therefore, Mainland has made it a priority to be a leader in industrial safety. In order to be successful in the development of our safety procedures, we empower our employees and strive to develop individual leadership, teamwork, and management involvement.

Led by our Safety Manager, Dennis Clark, we have created the FABSafe program which focuses on safety integration within our project operations. We are constantly reviewing our performance by taking customer and employee feedback into account, assessing our alignment with industry best practices, and integrating our findings into our daily operational practices. With the FABSafe program, project managers engage in crucial planning sessions before work begins on any phase of a project. This process allows the team to identify and strategize how to reduce any foreseeable risks, in turn allowing the company and customer to benefit from more efficient projects.

Since implementing FABSafe, as well as joining the BC Forest Safety Council’s SAFE Companies program, we have become a leader in industrial safety. As a company, we are immensely proud of our team’s achievements within safety standards and are pleased to note that as of August 2013, we have reached 1,000 days without an on the job injury. Last year, we obtained a COR score of 100 percent and this year we are well on our way to receiving a 99.5 percent rating from the BC Construction Safety Alliance.

Having a low accident rate is something that we aspire for;  it is evidence that the measures we are taking to protect our valuable employees are effective. Our people are deserving of, and enjoy being a part of an organization that ensures that safety is priority and that their lives are being cared for on the job site. At Mainland Machinery, we know that our clients also appreciate our low accident rates which testify to the level of safety and productivity you can count on for your projects.

The need for safety is an ongoing and full-time process which requires company-wide participation. We are dedicated to building solutions for our clients, while having a reputation as a metal fabrications company where safety is not an afterthought but the backbone of our quality and execution processes.