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Gord Lawley Retires!

Gord Lawley Retires! After putting in over 26 years of dedicated service at Mainland Machinery, Gord Lawley finally decided to retire. Gord had numerous roles: driver, detail production, sandblasting, painting and he spent the last 12 years operating the burn table.  “Anything large and complex!” was his response to Mainland’s president Paul Hiebert’s question of […]

New Maintenance Inspection Program

Maintenance Inspection Program Mainland Machinery is happy to introduce our new Maintenance Inspection Program. With over 45 years in Industrial Manufacturing and Maintenance, and knowledgeable staff that are attentive to detail, we are well versed in what is needed to keep facilities operating at their best. Built with the primary goal of providing our customers […]


HELP US BREAK IN OUR NEW BRAKE PRESS – INTRODUCTORY RATES! Mainland Machinery’s Machining Center is fully operational and capable of meeting your heavy plate forming and project needs. Our recently opened third facility located in Aldergrove, BC features our new Accurpress Model 7 1500 16 Brake press with ETS3000 Control System. Mainland Machinery’s state […]

Ramada’s Toys for Tots 2015

Toys for Tots 2015 The results and reviews are in for this year’s Ramada’s Toys for Tots Breakfast, and the numbers are awesome! Mainland was very happy to again be a sponsor at the 3rd annual breakfast which took place last Friday, November 27th. It was a record turnout with the most donations seen to date! […]

Could Deep-Sea Mining Be Canada’s Next Gold Rush?

Could Deep-Sea Mining Be Canada’s Next Gold Rush? Traditionally, mining has been a prolific source of income for Canada and other countries throughout the world. With land-based deposits becoming increasingly scarce, mining companies have had to seek out other sources that could be mined, including ocean floors. Vastly covering two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, oceans […]

When Precision Counts, Count on Laser Cutting Technology

When Precision Counts, Count on Laser Cutting Technology Experienced metal fabricators know that when it comes to projects that require the utmost in precision cutting, there is no cutting corners by using outdated and inefficient equipment. Laser technology has provided the fabrication industry with not only the means to allow for more precise manufacturing, but […]

Reclaiming Oil Sands

Reclaiming Oil Sands Canada’s oil sands have always been controversial. Despite their economic benefits, critics are concerned over the environmental damage the oil sands cause. Alberta’s oil sands are surrounded by pristine wilderness, and development has caused what is considered irreversible damage. However, a number of Canadian companies are working to return the area to […]