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Green Mining

Green Mining Greener Mining Innovations Researchers and businesses alike are working to transform North American mining into a cleaner, greener industry. It’s an industry that affects ordinary people much more than they usually recognize: mining projects provide core materials for batteries, phones, and even tooth fillings. Nevertheless, mining has earned a reputation as a dirty […]

Big Data for Big Oil

Big Data for Big Oil Everyday equipment failure tends to cost oil and gas companies millions of dollars in downtime and repairs. However, it certainly doesn’t have to stay that way. In fact, by adopting predictive analytics software, or “Big Data” solutions, operators could plan for equipment problems well in advance of anything actually going […]

Unconventional Oil and Gas Production

Economic Impact of Unconventional Oil & Gas Production It has taken millions of years for the ancient organic matter trapped within North America’s geological formations to become the crude oil and natural gas used today. These naturally formed reservoirs of carbon and hydrogen are easy to extract with minimal damage to the environment.  They can […]

Canadian Pipeline Safety Measures

Canadian Pipeline Safety Measures Understanding the 2014 Canadian Pipeline Safety Measures Oil spills are bad business for any company in the industry, no matter the scale. It hurts the bottom line, and it hurts a company’s reputation. Any spill is a high-profile event — some examples being the Kalamazoo River spill in 2010, or the […]

Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques – What Are They?

Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques – What Are They? Canadian researchers have made recent advancements in enhanced oil recovery with a new method that boosts production by 10% The Basics: Primary and Secondary Phases Oil production employs the use of various methods that allow oil to be extracted from deep within ground reservoirs or offshore sites. […]

Play it Smart in the Intelligent Oil Field

Play it Smart in the Intelligent Oil Field To rapidly move forward in the competitive upstream oil and gas sector, companies need to develop a comprehensive hybridized skill-set comprised of production processes and information technology. While competition for natural resources is driving exploration for oil and gas to extremely remote locations, business leaders are looking […]

Mainland Machinery’s Merry Christmas!

  Mainland Machinery’s Merry Christmas! A few fun pictures of all the Christmas festivities that took place at Mainland this year.  We started getting the office ready for Christmas in November when we put the tree up. A few Star Wars ornaments were snuck on to ensure the force was with everyone. We were proud […]

OPEC: Is the Power of the Oil Cartel Waning?

Is the Power of the Oil Cartel Waning? Since the 1960’s, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has cast a powerful shadow over the international oil trade. Finally, it looks like their power is waning. For the last seven years, OPEC managed to keep oil prices high, at least 100 dollars (USD) per barrel. […]