Wes Dyck – Engineering Manager

Watching Wes work is a little like looking into the future because of his uncanny ability to visualize a project before it’s even set in motion. He somehow manages to see what the piece will look like and the necessary solutions to the problems that will eventually come up. He is responsible for overseeing the entire engineering department and conducts all design and client requirement reviews.

Wes is no stranger to the ever-changing list of demands that enter the engineering department and no one gets things going when the going gets tough quite like Wes and his team. Wes has built the engineering department into the well-oiled machine that it is, and that allows Mainland Machinery to get its products out its customers with the quality and integrity they’ve grown accustomed to.[/two_third]
[one_third_last][member name=”Wes Dyck” role=”Engineering Manager” img=”https://mainlandmachinery.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/M-M_0169-533×400.png” mail=”wdyck@mainlandmachinery.com”]604-854-4244 x103604-835-2931[/member][/one_third_last]

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