What are CAD and CAM prototyping?

CAD/CAM workflows are the very latest in manufacturing technology and are used to quickly create scale models using three-dimensional design data. Mainland Machinery is proud to offer cutting edge technology and the use of Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) in the creation, analysis, modification and optimization of any design.


How can rapid 3D prototyping help move a project forward?

CAD has proven useful to engineers in many sectors, but specifically in industrial manufacturing by allowing the engineers to create simulations of new facilities and fabrications superimposed within the environments they will be erected. This process is particularly useful when used in the preparation of environmental impact reports for large industrial projects. The CAD process also offers engineers the opportunity to gain a sneak peak at the results of their design before a project moves into full-scale production, allowing them to troubleshoot potential flaws and measure various properties as if it were already on site. It ensures that a product performs to specifications before it is manufactured.

Saving time and money

With so much invested in your project, it’s important to get things right at every stage of production and quality 3D prototyping ensures that a well-designed project is ready to move forward into production. It helps to keep costs low by leaving nothing to chance and having the peace of mind that a facility works before it even arrives on site.

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Our focus on quality

At Mainland Machinery, we recognize the importance of providing value as a project passes through each phase of production and how prototyping bridges the gap between the design and fabrication stages. We work hand in hand with our customers to produce viable working prototypes that are custom designed to their project’s specific needs. We aim to increase any industrial project’s uptime by delivering a quality product that works the way it was designed the minute it arrives on site.