What is CWB Certification & Why Does it Matter?

In order to achieve and maintain CWB certification, companies engaged in welding are required to have their personnel qualified for engineering, supervisory and welding and follow approved welding procedures.

For engineers involved in the certification process the CWB has created a resource page with information regarding the standards and to assist you in the qualification of welding procedures.

Similar to the welding companies, welding inspection organizations are required to have their personnel qualified for supervisory and certified for inspection, whether it’s visual, destructive or non-destructive testing.

Individuals looking to achieve certification as visual welding inspector are required to meet standard’s experience requirements and successfully complete written and practical exams.

Exceeding Canadian Certification Expectations

In Canada, a number of CSA product standards require welding fabricators to use welding consumables certified in accordance to CSA W48. CSA W48 provides requirements for the classification and certification of welding consumables by themselves or in conjunction with gas mixtures or fluxes as applicable.

Stud manufacturers are also required to qualify their stud base in accordance with CSA Standard W59 or other governing standard.

As the Authorized National Body (ANB) for the International Institute of Welding (IIW), the CWB Group provides several levels of internationally recognized certifications and qualifications for welding professionals along with certification for welding companies.

Employee Career Growth

It’s not enough to meet the minimum standards. At Mainland Machinery, we go above and beyond training requirements and regulations. We’re fully compliant with the latest certification requirements and always strive to improve employee career certification and skills improvement.

Everyone at Mainland Machinery is responsible for continued career development. It’s how we show we care. By continually improving safety and our certification, we show our respect to each other, our equipment, and to you. Our exceptional standards have given us more time to focus on creating products that exceed your expectations.

CWB Certification

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