It’s How We Show We Care

Safety is paramount in everything we do. We look at all of our practices through a lens of safety. Our business relies on the safe work of industry professionals and creating safe products for you.

Exceeding Expectations

Our commitment to safety is unparalleled. We go above and beyond to create a work environment that is safe for everyone because safety is about respect. When we set a standard for safety we show you and our employees that we care.

Employee Safety

It’s not enough to meet the minimum standards. At Mainland Machinery, we go above and beyond safety laws and regulations. We’re fully compliant with the latest safety certification requirements and always strive to improve employee health, safety, and environmental standards.

Everyone at Mainland Machinery is responsible for building a safe working environment. It’s how we show we care. By continually improving safety, we show our respect to each other, our equipment, and to you. Our exceptional safety standards have given us more time to focus on creating products that exceed your expectations.

CWB Certification

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Industry Certifications