Z ChemGear™ Dry and Emulsion Flocculant Mix and Feed Systems

Zeroday Z Chemgear D100 Flocculant Mix and Feed System

The Z ChemGear™ Dry and Emulsion Flocculant Mix and Feed Systems are robust, cost effective, operationally efficient, highly reliable, and designed to provide years of service in the most challenging environments. These systems are built with solid mild, galvanized and stainless steel and with components that can handle rugged duty. The Dry and Emulsion Flocculant Mix and Feed Systems were designed and built without plastic parts that can potentially malfunction and cause maintenance problems.

With two basic designs (D100 & D300), the Dry and Emulsion Flocculant Mix and Feed System covers a wide capacity of mixing flocculant solutions, ranging from small to large customized systems. These include a basic single baffled tank design that is based on the flow-through concept and a more conventional Modular System mix-day tank configuration which utilizes an approach that is highly scalable and economic even for very low mixing capacities.

In the single baffled tank design, a hydration chamber accepts the initial wetted flocculant, which slowly dissolves. When the system demands more solution, the hydrated solution is pushed under the baffle into the propeller mixing chamber, overflowing a baffle into a day tank section, which controls the flocculant make down by level floats.

The Dry and Emulsion Flocculant Mix and Feed System Modular design allows various configurations that maximize the utilized floor space and process flows. The Wetting chamber, mix and day tanks, the mix day tank transfer pump (when required, if not an over-under tank design), and solution feed pumps are installed on individual skids. When sizing and fabricating the system, the individual components are easily and appropriately scaled to the specific application.

Zeroday Z Chemgear D300 Flocculant Mix and Feed System

Similarly, the Z ChemGear emulsion flocculant mix and feed systems incorporate robust fabrication, and technologies that consistently activate (mix) emulsion flocculant solutions that provide optimum flocculant performance to minimize dosages and maximize economics. The emulsion systems are based on two basic inverter unit sizes from which a range of mixing rate, aging tank sizes, solution feeding pumps and controls are selected to meet the application requirements.

Properly designed and solid equipment is crucial for trouble free operation and process efficiency; without adequately designed and built systems, making down (mixing) flocculants can be a messy and inconsistent operational nuisance. The adopted Z ChemGear flocculant system designs came from our extensive years of flocculant sales and use experience. The system are based on best design practices. To minimize installation time and ongoing use issues, the Z ChemGear flocculant systems incorporated the following design features:

  • ‘Plug and play’ design for easy install and startup
  • Fully automatic flocculant solution makedown process
  • Customized systems built for customers distinct application requirements
  • Built rugged for durability
  • Cost effective and can be fabricated to minimize order lead times

The initial dry flocculant mixer single baffled tank design product offerings proved highly successful due to their economics; in fact, the economics were sufficiently positive that even for customers using as low as 30-50 lb/day (14-23 kg/day) emulsion flocculants, switching from an emulsion to dry flocculant in many cases provided positive rates of returns even when incorporating the cost of a Z ChemGear dry flocculant system into the return calculations.